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Development of employer’s action plans

According to the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation , employers shall proceed with supporting the development of the next generation. We formulated the "Employer's Action Plans" for promoting employment environment required to achieve a balance between work and child-raising and announced as follows.

Matters regarding improvement of the employment environment

1Improvement of employment environment in order to support a balance between work life and family life of the employees raising children.

1:As development of employment environment which makes it easy for employees to take childcare leave and return to their workplaces we shall implement one or more of the following items.

  • Implementing measures to promote to have the male employees take childcare leave.
  • Keeping employees informed about the working conditions during childcare leave and labor conditions after childcare leave.
  • Keeping alternative working force during childcare leave and reviewing the business contents and the operational framework.
  • Providing information to have the employees taking childcare leave develop and improve vocational skills.
  • Reviewing business contents and operational frameworks to have employees return to their previous post or the equivalent position after childcare leave.

2:Introducing the system to enable employees to take day offs to rake care of children.

2Developing various working conditions which contribute to reviewing the way of working

1:Introducing a short-time work and an alternate-day work to expand the options of various ways of working.

Other matters about measures to support the development of the next generation

1Establishing a childcare allowance

2Providing young people the opportunity to undertake work experience such as internships and promote the hiring process through a trial employment.