Ultra-thin film heater

It is an ultra-thin flexible film heater considering the use of a curved surface and space-saving.

Since that can free pattern design, it can heating maintained at uniform temperature.
It is a perfect heater for heat insulation, dehumidification, condensation prevention and freeze prevention.

Technical Note

Preformed Hose

A preformed hose is a bending and forming processed hose.

An abundance of materials from fluorine resin to cross-linked polyethylene are sorted out and combined according to applications and purposes and comprise the hose used for a preformed hose.
A preformed hose is used for a plumbing and water/hot water supply in a limited space and applications requiring low elution characteristic.


150 °C Heat-resistant Cross-linked Polyethylene Tube

A 150 °C heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene tube is the cross-linked polyethylene tube which has an excellent performance in heat and cold resistance.

The tube has an excellent performance in heat and cold resistance and corresponds to the temperature of usage environment temperature, -50 °C to 150 °C.
Because it is cross-linked, it does not dissolve in extraordinarily high temperature.
A 150 °C heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene tube is used in a wide range of applications such as a wire binding and a mechanical protection.

Technical Note

Welded Multi-connected Tube

Single tubes are welded and connected in a unit and comprise a welded multi-connected tube.

Our thermoplastic plastic tube is used and can be consolidated up to from 2 tubes to 8 tubes, and welding points can be set at our customer's discretion, and it makes it easy to handle and assemble the tubes.
It is less fragile than to a single tube also good in a limited space.
And there is less mutual contact of tubes in a welded multi connected tube compared to a bundled tube when it slides, and it will lead to smooth operation improvement in the operating part.

Technical Note

High-speed Coaxial Cable

It is a coaxial cable which has an excellent performance in the transmission speed.

Dielectric material used for the coaxial cable undergoes little change of form by heat and has excellent performance in workability and has an excellent performance in transmission speed (the delay time).

Technical Note

Silicone Rubber Heater

Silicone rubber heater is a high heat-resistant and thin sheet heater with excellent flexibility.

The patterned heating elements are insulated with two glass cloth reinforcing silicone sheets placed at the upper and the lower part.
It is a thin type whose thickness is 1mm, does not require a large space, and is possibly installed on a curved surface and a pipe. Design flexibility modified according to the application responds to various needs.

Technical Note