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our business fieldsBusiness of KURABE

We respond to diversifying global needs with our high-quality technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years.
We will also create new possibilities in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, housing equipment, information and communications, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and others.


We provide differentiated high-quality products
with our superior manufacturing technology at a valuable cost.

Providing high-quality products through an integrated production system

Based on our product development and product design technologies for polymeric materials, we are striving to provide better products through an integrated production system that utilizes overseas bases from the manufacture of these materials to the completion of unit products.
In cooperation with OEMs, suppliers, and specialized organizations, we will contribute to society by developing and proposing products that meet the advanced technologies (automatic driving, EV, energy conservation, etc.) represented by the automobile industry.

corporate social responsibilityKURABE's CSR, Environment and BCP

CSR activities deepen relationships with stakeholders such as customers, local communities,
and business partners.This is an activity to resolve social issues and grow into a company that needs to survive and develop from society.

InformationUpdate information

As a result of the pursuit of comfort and safety in the history of automobiles, modern automobiles have been equipped with complex industrial electronics. In order to operate these systems, highly functional harnesses (electric wires and tubes) are required. Kurabe's technology is used for equipment harnesses and communication systems that serve as the limbs of body harnesses.etc....

Main products and parts


Heat, Oil and Gasoline Electric wire

Kurabe's high-spec electric wires have been developed to meet the harsh operating environment of their intended uses required by the automotive industry. For example, they are used for sensor lead wires that require super heat resistance, and AT mission solenoid lead wires and injector harnesses that require heat and oil resistance. Some of these wires used as in-tank pump harnesses and level sensor leads.

High-voltage electric wire

We manufacture power cables for automotive applications by using heat resistant materials containing silicone and fluorine. There are size and weight reduction options for the parts related to the vehicle motorization which would require high allowable current.

High-frequency electric wire

Including antenna lead wires for car multimedia such as GPS, we manufacture car-noise-resistant high frequency corresponding electric wires for the advanced-information society.

Automotive harness

Our strengths are the extensive manufacture of specified heat-proof cables and tubes, and we are able to make, procure and process the cables and tubes in a consistent manner as customers require. We possess the technologies to handle the special cables that cannot be processed by a general processing machine.
We maintain communication with customers and provide technical support at all stages of design, from prototype to mass production.

Car seat heaters, steering wheel heaters, anti-fog heaters, and heaters for in-cabin heating

Our electric heaters can support the functions such as freeze prevention, auxiliary heater, engine combustion efficiency improvement, and EV vehicle heat source.

Automotive hoses

In recent years, as technology for HEVs, EVs, and FCVs advances, the demands for the drain hoses of the related equipment have expanded.
We develop in-vehicle hoses while keeping in mind that their intended uses will be under severe conditions such as bending, oil resistance, heat resistance and vibration resistance.

To the automotive field details

KURABE products continue to evolve so that people can live more and more comfortably,In recent years, a variety of home appliances have become more sophisticated and evolved for comfort and convenience. KURABE products are widely used in a wide variety of home appliances, including cooking appliances, air-conditioning appliances, refrigerators, and AV appliances. As home appliances evolve, KURABE products have evolved. KURABE products will continue to evolve so that people can live more and more comfortably.

Main products and parts

image:Home appliances

Heat-resistant wire for internal wiring

Home cooking appliance harnesses are made of wires with a variety of heat-resistant insulation materials such as cross-linked polyethylene and fluoroplastics. 180℃ heat resistant NEH (special silicone rubber) and 200℃ heat resistant FRW (flexible fluorine resin) have excellent in flexibility and processability, and have become the mainstream of recent heat resistant harnesses. FW and FEW (fluororesin) have excellent bending durability when used in combination with highly flexible conductors, and are used for wiring inside moving parts such as hinges. There are many lead wires suitable for sensors, relays, motor enclosures and varnishing.

Insulation and protection tube

Heat-proof tubes are used for insulating purposes such as sensors, fuzes and joint harnesses. We propose products that meet the needs of our customers in a broad lineup ranging from normal temperature to 250 degrees centigrade. It is made up of a wide range of materials, from silicon rubber and fluorine resins to plastics, glass plaiting, and plastic plaiting.

Heating and heating heaters

Our planar heaters have the silicone rubber cord-type heaters wired on the aluminum foil surface. They have excellent thermal efficiency, and their adhesive layer with peel-off release paper makes the adhesion process easy. For example, they are used for rice cooker jars, and panel heaters for local heating. The types with built-in sensors and thermostats are also available. In addition, for OEM products using various heaters, we offer a complete service including design, manufacture, inspection, and packaging.

Antifreeze heater

The lineup includes a defrost heater for refrigerator evaporators, various cord-type heaters, sheet heaters, belt-type heaters, and PTC heaters for defrosting and antifreezing in the refrigerator. These heaters can be customized in various ways. Waterproof belt-types and cord-type heaters are used for air conditioner compressors. Cord-type heaters have various applications for its design freedom and low initial cost.


By using extrusion method, these silicone rubber packings have much more design freedom and lower cost performance compared to the press-formed products. Silicone rubber has stable physical properties from low temperature to high temperature, and is used for dishwashers, seals of water supply tanks and lighting fixtures, gas water heater exhaust outlet seals, etc. Solid, foam, and hollow types are available, and we have a lineup of food sanitation law compliant, antimicrobial agent-containing types, and conductive types of packings.

Noise reduction harness material

Various electromagnetic noises are generated from microwave ovens and other home electric appliances, which causes malfunction of their own internal electronic parts and near by external devices. Furthermore, with the spread of IT equipment, measures against external noise are also urgently needed. As EMI counter measures, we offer harnesses made of different materials such as twisted pair electric wire, sheath wire containing ferrite, shielded electric wire, shield sleeve, conductive packing, etc., to meet customer's requests (we can also customize the harness processing methods).

To home appliances field details

People are improving their housing environment in search of comfort. KURABE has been working on the development of products used in heating, air conditioning, lighting and cooking products. In particular, it is widely used mainly for heating systems and piping units with excellent safety and durability. KURABE will continue to provide better products so that people can live more and more comfortably.

Main products and parts

image:Housing equipment

Environment-friendly electric wires

We offer a range of environmentally friendly products such as lead-less heat-resistant vinyl chloride wire (Weiser wire), Demineralized wire, Specific bromless cross-linked polyethylene electric wire (Eagle wire), Heavy metal-less wires, etc. They have been widely used for internal wiring of various applications, and some of them have obtained UL standard.

Special purpose wiers

These are, purpose built and application-limited electric wires used for power supplies and controllers of various home equipment.
Each of these cables is designed for a specific use unique from one another such as toilet seat heater control electric wire products, hot water floor heating temperature control sensor wire and remote control cord, high voltage electric wire for gas equipment ignition parts, lighting equipment electric wire, electric wire with anti-rodent/bird insulation.

Piping hoses

These are the hoses used as household hot water supply pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene pipe and/or blade flexible hose, and have joint fittings on the both ends.
Our unique combination technology allows us to feature the strength of each material; therefore, our products have excellent in pressure resistance, heat resistance and flexibility. These pipes are certified by the Japan Water Works Association, and used for mixing taps, bath water heater, and floor heaters.

Silicone rubber packing

This packing is made of silicone rubber with uniformly dense closed cells.
They can be made by hollow or profile extrusion. By featuring its high heat resistance, cushioning, and temperature insulation, it is widely used as a sealing and heat insulation material for chiller, dryer and water heater.

Living Environment Improvement Heater

For over 30 years since its release, our lineup of code-type heater elements have gained the trust for its wide range of applicability and safety concerning comfort improvement needs of living environment comfort needs. The main applications are for housing facility and equipment, and some of the applications include, but not limited to, (1) for indoors: floor heating, toilet seat heater, and mirror anti-fog heater, and (2) for outdoors: road heater, roof snow melting heater, and water pipe antifreeze heater.

Safety control parts

The function of this cord-like temperature detector is to detect temperature abnormalities and shut off the circuit. Unlike the conventional thermal fuse, its detection unit is linear, and can accurately detect thermal abnormalities over the entire length and immediately shut down the circuit to prevent fires. It is used in the heat exchange section of gas water heaters.

To the details of housing equipment field

Regardless of business or home use, information and communications equipment is increasingly inseparable from our daily lives. KURABE's product lineup responds flexibly to a wide variety of needs. High-function electric wires typified by high voltage and high frequency.wires. olls and tubes using polymer molding technology. Heater products cultivated in home appliances and housing equipment are also active in this field. In addition, we provide complex products that combine a variety of materials, anti-noise products, and products that meet the needs of our customers, ranging from assembly applications to other products.

Main products and parts

image:Information and communications

High-voltage electric wire

This high voltage-compatible wire is often used for lead wire of LCD projector lamp. This type of wire is known for its voltage resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and excellent processability. Also, as the environmental load needing to be considered in recent years, we have made sufficient consideration for our products, and now have a assortment of compatible products.

High-frequency electric wire

This is a group of products with characteristics to meet the customer requirements such as high frequency range, such as low loss and stable impedance. By using a fluorine resin for the insulator, beneficial characteristics such as good transmission, heat resistance, flame resistance, and chemical resistance are achieved. A compact design is possible, and thin wire types, AWG 42 as limit, are available.

Functional tubes

These extruded tubes are made of the materials like silicone rubber (super heat resistant type, high strength type, flame retardant type, food type), fluorine resin, polyvinyl chloride, and synthetic rubber, and each of them is suited for a specific use such as ink discharge pump tube and ink supply tube for printer. The braided tubes are used in the plants dealing food, home appliances, and chemicals, and also for general electrical insulation.


We offer a variety of products tailored to the specific purposes such as heat retention and dehumidification, and the lineup includes, but not limited to, cord-like heaters with excellent design freedom and safety, thin film-type heaters with excellent responsiveness, and PTC heaters with self-temperature control. Kurabe has ability to meet customer needs through a consistent manufacturing system from materials to assembly.

Noise reduction harness material

These are extruded wires and tubes which consist of the (1) carbon and metal powder mix silicone rubber, and (2) ferrite kneaded molded shield packing, resin, and/or rubber with electromagnetic wave absorption effect. They are low resistant, airtight, and waterproof, and their shieldability is improved by combining with metal wires. These are used in information communication equipment for high frequency transmission applications.

To information communication equipment field details

As signals or power supply cables which control robot and other industrial machinery, appropriate priducts that have characteristics for their use like flexiblility, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and oil-resistant etc. Particularly, for applications that is required high reliability, the products which have excellent durability are lined up. In addition, there are many products like heaters for pipe warming which are used for improvement of environment inside factory.

Main products and parts

image:ndustrial machinery

High durability cutting oil resistant cabtyre cable

This mechatronics robot cables has a narrow conductor wire with thin fluorine resin ETFE coating as the core, multiple strands, and sheath made of a combination of various polymer materials such as flexible fluorocarbon resin FRW with cutting oil resistance, which makes it suitable for various operating environments.

High durability cutting oil resistant power cable

Whether fixed, flex, or high-bending wiring, there are different types of lead wires to choose from for a specific layout.
Our power supply cables contain insulators with excellent flexibility and cutting oil resistance such as FRW600C, which are suitable for industrial machinery robots in harsh environments.

Heat-resistant cable for plant

Heat-resistant cables, such as Silicone-Rubber LKGB and Fluorine-Resin Electric Cable FRW, are used for large-scale plants for electricity, chemicals, metals, etc. There is a wide range of applications, from single-core electric cables for power supply to multi-core electric cables for controllers and sensors. In addition, the characteristics of various types of electric cables are utilized as compensatory conductors for thermocouples.

Chemical resistant tube

We manufacture the tubes with excellent chemical resistance for various applications by combining different materials including fluorine resin. Their features include, but not limited to, flexibility and non-stickiness. There is a wide range of applications for these tubes such as chemical plant facility, various types of analyzer, and industrial machineries.

Piping insulation heater

Our belt heaters using silicone rubber have excellent heat resistance and flexibility, and can be wrapped around or used along the piping. We also offer a lineup of inexpensive aluminum foil heaters for heating a large area.

To industrial machinery field details

KURABE products are also used in a variety of fields, including medical thermics® (MEDICAL THERMICS®) products using integrated technologies. KURABE products are also used in various fields such as health care and measurement equipment. OEM products can also be handled under the user brand by combining KURABE products from design to production.

Main products and parts

image:Medical and other

Heaters for Healthcare Equipment

Flexible surface heaters that emphasize safety and fitness.
A double safety design that combines a surmiser and a temperature fuze provides a stable heat effect with low temperature irregularity. It is used in hot-pads and medical beds, and can be used as medical devices.

hybrid wires

The wire combining multiple insulators, which can be customized according to the application in order to feature their strengths to the fullest; for example, as noise reduction measures, combined shield braiding, tape winding, and ferrite material can be applied.
It is widely used for the internal wiring of medical equipment, home appliances, automotive electrical components, lighting applications, cabtyre cords, and cabtyre cables.

Heaters for Beauty & cosmetics Equipment

The PTC heater with its own temperature control function can generate heat at a constant temperature without the need for a temperature control circuit. It can be designed in any shape and size, and used as a small and inexpensive heater. Therefore, it is widely used as liquid dissipating heater for fragrancer and deodorizer.

Light Guide

The Elastomer Light Guide has a two-layer structure, which is special elastomer as its core and a high-performance tube as its cladding. It is flexible, easy to install, and used in variety of ways as automobile interior parts.

Packing for food stockers

A clean and flexible packing in compliance with the Food Sanitation Law, which is made possible by featuring silicone rubber.
It can be shaped to be a tube, round bar, square bar, or any other odd shapes according to the intended application.
For its flexibility at low temperatures, it is used as food container such as lunch box, water-tight packing for refrigerator ice-making machines, and so on.

To medical / other fields


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