1938/2/1 Kurabe Electric Works, a factory of about 250m2, was established at a 2-660 Kojiya-cho Kamata-ku in Tokyo (approx 600m129 site).
Started manufacturing and sales of electrical insulating materials (mainly varnished tubes).
1946/3/1 Head office was relocated to Hamamatsu.
1946/5/1 The trade name was changed to Kurabe Electric Co., Ltd.
1960 Under the brand name WEISER wire and SIEGER wire, Kurabe began the sale of specially heat resistant wires.
1962 Began manufacturing of heat generating cords, and first use in Japan as a defrosting device in refrigerators.
1965 Started manufacturing of wires made with synthetic rubber.
Sales of flame retardant EPDM wires under the name of "Crown Wire" began.
1970/4/1 Trade name was changed to Kurabe Industrial Co., Ltd.
1970 Started the manufacturing and sales of flouroplastic coated wires under the "FLUBON Wire" name.
1973/1/1 Completed the first phase of construction of the Hamakita Plant and started operations.
1973/7/1 Completed construction of the Yuto Plant and started operation as a secondary process plant.
1981 Started manufacturing and sales of cross-linked polyethylene wires under the name "Eagle Wire".
1984/3/1 The first phase of construction is completed and Kurabe's Head Office is relocated from Shinohara plant to new HQ building.
1986/2/1 Sales of "NEO SIEGER Wire" began.
1987/3/1 Develop PTC heaters.
1989/3/1 FLUBON wire FRW" developed and sales began.
Construction of the Shonai Plant (Phase 1) completed and commenced operation.
1989/10/1 The Hamakita Plant Office Research Building was completed.
1992/1/1 The Shinohara Plant Research Building was completed.
1993/2/1 The X-0 Building at Hamakita Plant is completed allowing for new production method of polyethylene cross linked cables by x-ray.
1994/8/1 Phase one construction of the Miyakoda Plant is complated and operations begin.
2000/12/1 Kurabe Industrial (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is established.
2002/5/1 Began sales of car seat heaters.
2002/11/1 KURABE INDUSTRIAL (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. Established.
2003/3/1 KURABE TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. Established.
2003/4/1 KURABE TRADING (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD.Established.
2004/2/1 Phase one construction of the KURABE INDUSTRIAL (SHANGHAI) headquarters is completed.
2006/7/1 KURABE TRADING (HONG KONG), Guangzhou Branch is established.
2006/9/1 KURABE AMERICA CORPORATION is established.
2012/3/1 KURABE INDUSTRIAL BAC NINH CO.,LTD is established.
2014/4/1 Started sales of Steering Heaters.
2014/12/1 Employee Stockholders Association is established.
KURABE INDUSTRIAL (VIETNAM) acquires IATF 16949 certification.
2017/8/1 KURABE INDUSTRIAL BAC NINH acquires IATF 16949 certification.
2018/1/1 KURABE INDUSTRIAL (VIETNAM) Co., LTD VSIPⅡ factory operations began.
2018/7/1 Kurabe Europe GmbH established.


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