Our products range widely from special heat-resistant wires that are indispensable for safe use of electrical equipment even in harsh environments, to heating elements which function safely and optimally in applications that emphasize reliability, such as for automotive, to a variety of insulating materials, molded articles, and other niche products which apply the material technology which Kurabe has evolved independently. For more than 80 years, Kurabe has demonstrated our originality and contributed to the development of society.

As human society develops, electricity is used in an ever more diverse range of fields, applications, and in new environments. The fields in which we can play an active role are expanding year by year.

Under the banner of Chemitronics, we will continue to refine our specialized know-how of materials technology, electrical technology, and mechanical design technology, and deepen our relationships with leading companies in various industries, and promote global development. Moving in to the future, we will continue to bring our high-quality, original products out into the world. Thank you very much.


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