Flexible hose

The heat resistancey of our flexible hoses is strengthened with a composition of various types of bridged polyethylene. Their reinforcing layers are divided into fibers and metal cables, making it possible to design flexible hoses to suit any application and its requirements such as pressure resistancey and flexibility. We also process joint fittings for the hose-ends, which are mainly used for household water supply and other housing facilities. The inside layer of the hoses conforms to the Food Sanitation Law and the materials standards for water supply systems.
For their Oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier properties, Multilayer TUBES AND MULTIPLE TUBES are mainly used for the ink supplier in printers and plotters.

For their flexibility, abrasion resistancey, and resiliency, the Sieger tubes are used in parts that operate repeatedly with a narrow installation space, such as the hot water toilet seat hoses.

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