High-performance products cover all needs in a wide range of fields.
Our creates more possibilities with our infinite product lineup.
  • Automotive

    As a result of the pursuit of comfort and safety in the history of automobiles, modern automobiles have been equipped with complex industrial electronics.In order to operate these systems, highly functional harnesses (electric wires and tubes) are required.Kubabe's technology is used for equipment harnesses and communication systems that serve as the limbs of body harnesses, etc.

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  • Home appliances

    In recent years, a variety of home appliances have become more sophisticated and evolved for comfort and convenience. KURABE products are widely used in a wide variety of home appliances, including cooking appliances, air-conditioning appliances, refrigerators, and AV appliances. As home appliances evolve, KURABE products have evolved. KURABE products will continue to evolve so that people can live more and more comfortably.

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  • Housing equipment

    People are improving their housing environment in search of comfort. KURABE has been working on the development of products used in heating, air conditioning, lighting and cooking products. In particular, it is widely used mainly for heating systems and piping units with excellent safety and durability. KURABE will continue to provide better products so that people can live more and more comfortably.

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  • Information and communications epuipment

    Regardless of business or home use, information and communications equipment is increasingly inseparable from our daily lives. Kuabel's product lineup responds flexibly to a wide variety of needs. High-function electric wires typified by high voltage and high frequency.wires. Rolls and tubes using polymer molding technology. Heater products cultivated in home appliances and housing equipment are also active in this field. In addition, we provide complex products that combine a variety of materials, anti-noise products, and products that meet the needs of our customers, ranging from assembly applications to other products.

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  • Industrial machinery

    As signals or power supply cables which control robot and other industrial machinery, appropriate priducts that have characteristics for their use like flexiblility, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and oil-resistant etc. Particularly, for applications that is required high reliability, the products which have excellent durability are lined up. In addition, there are many products like heaters for pipe warming which are used for improvement of environment inside factory..

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  • Medical and other fields

    KURABE products are also used in various fields such as health care and measurement equipment. OEM products can also be handled under the user brand by combining KURABE products from design to production.

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