1. Formulation of General employer action plan

Under the Next-Generation Development Support Measures Act, business owners are supposed to promote the next-generation development support. We will formulate a General Business Owner Action Plan to promote the maintenance of the employment environment necessary to achieve a balance between work and childcare, and will announce this as follows

2. Matters concerning improvement of the employment environment

(1)Establish a work environment to support the employees with children to maintain the balance between work and family life.

1:Implement one or more of the following measures to create an environment that makes it easier to take childcare leave and return to the workplace.

  • Implementation of measures to encourage men to take child care leave
  • Dissemination of matters concerning treatment of workers during child care leave and working conditions after child care leave
  • Securing substitute personnel during childcare leave and reviewing job descriptions and work systems
  • Provide the employees on child care leave with information for the development and improvement of the vocational abilities.
  • Reform work descriptions and work structures in order to facilitate employees' return after child care leave to their previous job or equivalent.

2:Introduction of a system that allows workers to take leave to care for their children

(2)Development of diverse working conditions that contribute to the work style reform.
1: Introduction of reduced working hours and bi-day work in order to expand options for various working styles

3. Other matters concerning next generation training support measures

(1)Establishment of new childcare support allowance

(2)Providing the youth with work experience opportunities such as internships, and promoting employment through trial employment, etc.


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