Special heat-proof electric wires

Our Heat-resistant special wire can be used in any usage environment.

Flubon wire

They are highly reliable electric wires using various fluorine resin (PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE) as an insulator.

They have excellent electrical characteristics, heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, etc., can cope with harsh environments, and are used as internal wiring for thermal devices, computers, communication devices, automobile electrical components, etc.

For applications that require flexibility, there is also a type that uses a flexible fluorocarbon resin, and the flexibility has been greatly improved without impairing the heat resistance, oil resistance, and electrical properties of the fluorocarbon resin.

The Flubon wire

Sieger wire

Heat-proof electric cables using silicon rubber as an insulating material. The main uses are for home appliances, residential facilities, office equipment, automotive electric appliances, etc., where its heat-resistance (180 degrees centigrade), excellent electric properties, and feasibility are needed. In addition, there are some wire lines that comply with the UL/CSA of overseas-standard products and the Electrical Safety Law.

The Sieger wire

Crown wire

Wires using synthetic rubber (ethylenepropylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, chloroprene, chlorinated polyethylene) as an insulating material. These wires are used as internal wirings for home appliances and automobile electrical appliances because of their superior electrical properties and mechanical strength. In addition, there are some wire lines that comply with the UL/CSA of overseas-standard products and the Electrical Safety Law.

The Crown wire

Eagle wire

This is a heat-resistant flame-retardant crosslinked polyethylene wires finished with our own crosslinking technology. Two types of wires are available, and their heat resistancey and flame retardancy remarkably improved without impairing the characteristics of conventional polyethylene wires. The rated temperatures are 125°C and 150°C (UL/CSA 150°C certified materials are used). Due to their properties of heat-resistance and flexibility, they are used for wirings in heat equipment, outlets from motors, automobile electrical equipment, etc.

The Eagle wire

Weiser wire

These electric wires use a mixture of vinyl chloride resins as an insulator. With the heat-resistance of 105 ℃ (VW-HT) and the characteristics of VW-1 and F-mark, they are widely used in communications, marine equipment, home electrical and automotive electric appliances, etc.

The Weiser wire

Wire harness

Our strengths are the extensive manufacture of specified heat-proof cables and tubes, and we are able to make, procure and process the cables and tubes in a consistent manner as customers require. We possess the technologies to handle the special cables that cannot be processed by a general processing machine.
We maintain communication with customers and provide technical support at all stages of design, from prototype to mass production.

The Wire harness


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