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Special heat-proof electric wires

Our Heat-resistant special wire can be used in any usage environment.

The Special heat-proof electric wires


Our tubes are made of silicone varnish glass tubes, which have excellent flame retardancy and heat resistance. They are made extremely flexible by combined with protective sleeves and varnishes, which can be used in a wide temperature range of -50℃ to 300℃. These various extruded tubes are made mainly of silicone rubber, heat-resistant resin, elastomer, and synthetic rubber. They are used for protective and convergent insulation in all fields, including office automation equipment and automobiles.

The Tube

Flexible hose

The heat resistancey of our flexible hoses is strengthened with a composition of various types of bridged polyethylene. Their reinforcing layers are divided into fibers and metal cables, making it possible to design flexible hoses to suit any application and its requirements such as pressure resistancey and flexibility. We also process joint fittings for the hose-ends, which are mainly used for household water supply and other housing facilities. The inside layer of the hoses conforms to the Food Sanitation Law and the materials standards for water supply systems.
For their Oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier properties, Multilayer TUBES AND MULTIPLE TUBES are mainly used for the ink supplier in printers and plotters.

For their flexibility, abrasion resistancey, and resiliency, the Sieger tubes are used in parts that operate repeatedly with a narrow installation space, such as the hot water toilet seat hoses.

The Flexible hose

Heating element

In response to the diversified needs of the market, our lineup of heating elements offers design freedom, safety, a wide range of applicability, and reliability to the customers.
Depending on the intended uses and purposes, our code-type, ceramic, glass tube, and other types of heaters shall be designed and processed accordingly to the specifications for various structures and calorific values.

The Heating element

Etched Foil Heater

Etched Foil Heater is a sheet-like heating element using metal foil as a heating element. For its thinness and excellent flexibility, it can be mounted on a flat and/or curved surface.
In addition, by covering one or both sides of the heater element with a heat-resistant insulating film such as a polyimide resin film, it can be used as a heat generator for a variety of applications such as antifogging, heat retention, and anti-freeze.
The main features of our etched foil heater are using (1) high-strength stainless steel foil as the heater element for high durability, and (2) the etching method which enables highly flexible wiring pattern design on one surface.
In addition, for its power supply and connection parts, which must be highly reliable, in combination with our proprietary wire harness technology, we can customize the designs to meet various specifications and applications.

The Etched Foil Heater

Steering Wheel Heater

A steering wheel heater is a heating device equipped on the steering wheel of a car.
As a feature of the Kurabe Steering Wheel Heater, to reduce unevenness on the surface, its heating wire is embedded in the base material by our unique compression technology which is also used to meet other various customer requirements.
Furthermore, our consistent development system from materials to products grants us a flexibility to customize products according to customer requirements.

The Steering Wheel Heater

Car Seat Heater

Seat heater is a heating device equipped on the car seat.
Kurabe’s product features includes, but not limited to, flexibility and tensile strength, which are results of our unique technology of forming an adhesive layer on the heater wire and heat pressing it on the base-fabric.
Furthermore, our consistent development system from materials to products grants us a flexibility to customize products according to customer requirements.

The Car Seat Heater

Light Guide

The Elastomer Light Guide has a two-layer structure, which is special elastomer as its core and a high-performance tube as its cladding. It is flexible, easy to install, and used in variety of ways as automobile interior parts.

The Light Guide

Overseas Standard Products

The Overseas Standard Products


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