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Housing Appliance
Recently, various home electric appliances are realizing high function in quest of pleasure and convenience, and are evolving. Such as wiring in the equipments, heaters, sensors, etc., the products of KURABE are widely used for various household electric appliances named cooking household electrical appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, audio-visual equipments. By responding the evolution of the household electric appliances, the products of KURABE have also evolved. The products of KURABE keep evolving continuously, as to improve people's life more and more comfortable than present.

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Wires Various heat resistant insulated wires with variety from the polyethylene to the fluorocarbon resin are used in cooking home electric appliance harnesses. NEH ( special silicone rubber ) of the 180°C heat resistant and FRW ( flexible fluorocarbon resin ) of the 200°C heat resistant possess excellent in flexibility and workability, and it becomes the mainstream of the recent heat resistant harness. FW and FEW ( fluorocarbon resin ) show the excelled bending durability by combining with the conductor which is rich in the flexiblity, and it is used for the wiring in the bending section of hinge regions, etc..
(one cases)
Name Material Rated TEMP. Rated Voltage Compliance Catalogs
1 Microwave oven, IH cooking heater, etc. FRW Soft fluorine resin 200°C PSE, UL FRW
2 Dryer FW Fluorine resin(FEP) 200°C PSE, UL FW
3 Microwave oven, Cleaner, etc. FEW Fluorine resin(ETFE) 150°C PSE, UL FEW
4 Microwave oven, etc. NEH Silicone rubber mixture 180°C NEH
5 Compressor motor
lead wire
Freon Resistance Wire Polyester tape, Polyester braid 105°C
/ 125°C
600V UL5048
/ 5170
6 Air conditioning four-way valve
Coil lead
REF-EP Flame retardant EP rubber mixture 125°C 600V UL3478 REF-EP
7 Refrigerator, Air conditioning, Washing machines, etc. VW-HT Heat resistance vinyl chloride 105°C   VW-HT
8 Refrigerator
Washing machines, etc
HV SF Heat resistance vinyl chloride 75°C
/ 105°C
9 IH cooking heater, etc. REH-SG-E Silicone rubber insulation Glass braid 180°C   REH-SG-E
10 Air conditioning sensors, etc. UL3239EE
Parallel Line
Cross-linked polyethylene 150°C 300V UL UL3239EE
11 Ion generator High-voltage wires Cross-linked polyethylene 105°C 10KV
UL High-voltage wires
High-voltage wires

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Insulation / Protection Tubings

Insulation / Protection Tubings The thermostable tube is used in insulation application such as sensor, fuse, and relay harness. Products in the wide lineup from ambient temperature to 250°C, suitable for requirement of the customer are prepared. The wide material selection from silicone rubber, fluorocarbon resin to the elastomer and glass sleeving, polyester sleeving has been collected.
(one cases)
Name Material Rated TEMP. Rated Voltage Compliance Catalogs
1 Harness lead protection NFG-1AC Glass braided silicone rubber varnish coated 180°C UL NFG-1AC
2 HG-3E Glass braided silicone rubber varnish processed 180°C UL HG-3E
3 S / EX / GS Silicone rubber
(Glass braid)
180°C S / EX / GS
S / EX / GS

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Heat / Warming-up Heaters

Heat / Warming-up Heaters The sheet heater is the product which wired the cord-type heater with silicone rubber or vinyl chloride resin insulation on aluminum foil. It is also high in the thermal efficiency. As it has adhesive layer with separation paper, it is easily installed on target object by just removing the separation paper. It is used for electric rice cooker and panel heater for the local field heating, etc.. Products with temperature sensor and thermostat are also available. And, the OEM products using the various heater is also affordable throughout the process such as design, production, inspection, until product packing.
(one cases)
Name Catalogs
1 Refrigerator, rice cooker, etc. Aluminum sandwich heater Aluminum sandwich heater
2 Aluminum panel heater Aluminum panel heater
3 Refrigerator condensation prevention Hot stamp heater Hot stamp heater
4 Refrigerator defrost Glass tube heater Glass tube heater
5 Refrigerator, motor antifreeze
for air conditioning
Codeshaped heater Codeshaped heater
Codeshaped heater
Codeshaped heater
6 PTC heater PTC heater PTC heater
7 Belt heater Belt heater
8 Crankcase heater Crankcase heater

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Packings As heteromorphic extruded product of silicone rubber, it has highly degree of freedom in design, and it is cheaper than the press-formed product. And, the silicone rubber is suitable for use of tableware washing machine door frame, water tank and seals of lighting equipment, gas hot-water supply system air outlet seal, etc., since it is safe material, and has physical property which was stabilized from low temperature to high temperature. Solid type, foamed type, and those of hollow types are manufacturable, with grades which comply the Food Sanitation Law, grades which contains antibacterial agent, and grade of electric conductivity.
Applications(one cases) Name Catalogs
1 Microwave oven, washing machine,
IH cooking heater, Dishwasher, etc.
Silicone solid type packing -
2 Silicone sponge type packing -

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