KURABE's products are used even in other various industry such as healthy medical treatments related industry, measuring instrument industry and building and public industry, etc.. OEM products handled in the user brand are also affordable by combine the KURABE's products, and can be done from the design to production.

Composite Electric Wires

Composite Electric Wires These electric wires consist of multiple kinds of insulations to match to the application. Combinations that give maximum advantage of the features of every insulation included has been performed. It is also possible to conduct the noise counterplan by combining shield braiding, tape wrapping, and employing ferrite material in accordance to the functional demand. These wires are used widely in appliances and household electric appliance, automobile electric equipment, wiring in the equipment of the lighting application and as cabtyre cord and cabtyre cable.

Packings for food stocker

Packings for food stocker Originated from the features of the silicone rubber which suits the Food Sanitation Law, it is the packing which gave cleanness and flexibility. Various shapes are affordable not only tube type, round bar type, square timber type but also heteromorphic shape to mate the structure of counterparts objects. It is useful for lunch box case, for water seal packing at ice vender in refrigerator because of flexibility in low temperature.

Heaters for Health & Medical Instrument

Heaters for Health and  Medical Instrument These flexible sheet-type heaters were designed for safety in use and the easy mounting. Consistent hyperthermia effect with small temperature deviation is obtained by double safety design which combined the thermistor control with thermal fuse cut off. These heaters are utilized as hyperthermia pads, medical beds, etc., it is also correspondent to medical devices.

Light Guide

Lisht-Guides KURABE's elastomer light-guides consist of special elastomer covered with high-functional tubing. KURABE elastomer light-guides are easy to insert; it has been adopted in various parts as a car interior.