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Housing Appliance
We KURABE have been continuing our effort to provide products suitable for equipment such as heating, air conditioning and lighting, water supply system, studying the trends of improvement in living circumstance arising from people's needs for more amenity. Especially, it is widely used for heating systems, piping units, etc. which are excellent in safety and durability. We KURABE continue our effort to offer the better products, so that the people's life can be more and more comfortable.

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Electric wires

Special Applications Wires Electric wires are prepared for special applications, namely for power supply and the control to various household appliance equipments. The following are examples of wide usage : Electric wire assemblies for the toilet seat heater control, sensor lead wire for temperature control to floor heating by warm water and remote control cords, high-voltage wire for the ignition for the gas equipment, high-pull-strength power supply wire for suspension of lighting equipment, electric wire of mouse-proof / bird-proof, etc..
Applications Name Material Rated TEMP. Rated Voltage Compliance Catalogs
1 Gas stove, water heater NEH High-strength modified silicone rubber mixture 180°C   NEH
2 Gas stove, water heater REH-SG-E Silicone rubber insulated glass braided     REH-SG-E
3 Lighting equipment REH-G-E Silicone rubber insulated glass braided 180°C/ 150V/ PSE, UL REH-G-E 150V
4 200°C 300V REH-G-E 300V
5 For gas stove ignition High-voltage cable REB-EX Self-extinguishing EP rubber 90°C     REB-EX
6 Lighting equipment HVRF Vinyl chloride insulation / intervention yarn / polyester braid 105°C 300V PSE -
7 REH-T Silicone rubber insulated polyester braid 120°C 150V PSE -
8 300V
9 Various sensor lead PEX-150F
Parallel line
Cross-linked polyethylene 150°C 300V UL PEX-150F
10 Outdoor, stage lighting equipment 2PNCT EP rubber insulated chloroprene rubber sheath 80°C 600V PSE -
11 75°C -

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Hoses for piping

Hose for piping The metal fitting was installed in both terminals of the crosslinked polyethylene tube or braid reinforced flexible hose, and used at home for hot water supply. As our composite technology has enabled the unification of advantages of the materials to the maximum, it is excellent in pressureproof, thermostable and flexibility. It has been certified by Japan Water Works Association, and it used to water faucet, eco cute, enefarm, and a bath re-heater, etc.
Applications(one cases) Name Material Catalogs
1 It used to water faucet, eco cute, enefarm, and a bath re-heater, etc. XPE hose Cross-linked polyethylene XPE hose XPE hose
2 Flexible hose Cross-linked polyethylene Flexible hose Flexible hose

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Heaters for improvement to living conditions

Heaters for improvement to living conditions KURABE has been selling and developing cord-type heating elements for over 30 years. Our cord-type heating elements have earned a reputation for safety and wide ranging potential for use, for amenity improvement needs in living conditions. These heaters are used widely in household appliances and housing equipments such as toilet seat heater, floor heating, cloudiness prevention heater of the mirror used indoors, road heater, snowmelt heater on roof, water pipe antifreezing heater used outdoor.
Applications(one cases) Name Catalogs
1 Toilet tank antifreeze, etc. Aluminum sandwich heater Aluminum sandwich heater
2 For heating toilet seat, floor heating, etc. Aluminum hot stamp heater Aluminum hot stamp heater
3 For stop cloudy vanity mirrors, etc. Polyester film heater Polyester film heater
4 Water pipe freeze protection, etc. Belt heater Belt heater

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Silicone Rubber Packings

Silicone Rubber Packings It is the packing which have uniform, fine and independent bubble in the silicone rubber. It is widely used as sealing materials and heat insulation material for such as cold machine and drier and hot-water supply system. As it is possible to carry out the extrusion of hollow type and heteromorphic type, cushion effect and heat insulation effectiveness are obtained plus to the high thermostability which is an advantage of silicone rubber.
Applications(one cases) Name Material Rated Temperature Catalogs
1 Lighting fixtures, gas water heater exhaust port, cold instrument, Dryer seal material, etc. Solid type Silicone rubber 180°C -
2 Sponge type -

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