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Our technology is effective in order to make the car more comfortable for user and more compatible for environmental requirement. As a result of pursuing amenity and safety and environmental compatibility throughout automobile history, the complicated electronics are to be equipped in recent automobile. The high-functional harness ( wire, tubing ) is required so that such system securely can be operated. Each harness in components as a limb of body harness and communication system; the technology of KURABE is effective there.
Heat resistant / Oil-proof / gasoline-proof Wires
Ecological Compatible Wires
High Voltage Wires
High Frequency Wires
Harness Parts
Housing Appliance
Recently, various home electric appliances are realizing high function in quest of pleasure and convenience, and are evolving. Such as wiring in the equipments, heaters, sensors, etc., the products of KURABE are widely used for various household electric appliances named cooking household electrical appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, audio-visual equipments. By responding the evolution of the household electric appliances, the products of KURABE have also evolved. The products of KURABE keep evolving continuously, as to improve people's life more and more comfortable than present.
Heat resistant Internal Wirings in Electric Equipment
Insulation / Protection Tubings
Heat / Warming-up Heaters
Anti-Freezing Heaters
Material of Harness for countermeasure of Noise
Housing Appliance
We KURABE have been continuing our effort to provide products suitable for equipment such as heating, air conditioning and lighting, water supply system, studying the trends of improvement in living circumstance arising from people's needs for more amenity. Especially, it is widely used for heating systems, piping units, etc. which are excellent in safety and durability. We KURABE continue our effort to offer the better products, so that the people's life can be more and more comfortable.
Ecological Compatible Wires
Electric wires for special application
Hoses for piping
Silicone Rubber Packings & Molded Outlet Plugs
Heaters for improvement to living conditions
Safe control parts
People today can not even think of life without information / communication apparatus regardless in business or in home use. KURABE has enough flexibility in ability of realizing various customer needs also in this field. High-functional wires represented by high voltage wire and high frequency communication wire, rubber rollers and tubing appling polymer processing technology, various types of heater assembly using experience in home appliance and electrical appliance fields. These are examples of KURABE products playing active role in this field. Moreover, composite products from some materials, noise preventive products, assembly products are provided according to customer needs.
High Voltage Wires
High Frequency Wires
Electric Wire for Communication
Functional Tubings
Products of Heating
Material of Harness for countermeasure of Noise
Industry Equipment
Various products for industrial equipments are provided for robot as typical example. Wire and cable for signal communication and power sourcing, tubing for fluid conveyance and mechanical protection are prepared in rich variety of products for optimal compliance to sevie working condition, with their flexibility, heat resistance, anti-chemical endurance, and nonadhesion, etc. The lineups of the products which are excellent in durability have done for the application of which the reliability is especially required. And, the product which assiste better environment in the factory such as piping heat insulated heaters and humidity sensors, wind velocity sensors, etc. are also rich. The products of KURABE contribute to the development of industrial equipments.
High Endurance Control Wires
High Endurance Power supply wires
Heat resistant Wire for the Plant
Chemical resistance tubings
Heaters for warming-up of piping
Sensor for equipment
KURABE's products are used even in other various industry such as healthy medical treatments related industry, measuring instrument industry and building and public industry, etc.. OEM products handled in the user brand are also affordable by combine the KURABE's products, and can be done from the design to production.
Composite Electric Wires
Packings for food stocker
Snowmelt Heatings
Heaters for Health & Medical Instrument
Heaters for Aroma equipment
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