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Industry Equipment
Various products for industrial equipments are provided for robot as typical example. Wire and cable for signal communication and power sourcing, tubing for fluid conveyance and mechanical protection are prepared in rich variety of products for optimal compliance to sevie working condition, with their flexibility, heat resistance, anti-chemical endurance, and nonadhesion, etc. The lineups of the products which are excellent in durability have done for the application of which the reliability is especially required. And, the product which assiste better environment in the factory such as piping heat insulated heaters and humidity sensors, wind velocity sensors, etc. are also rich. The products of KURABE contribute to the development of industrial equipments.

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High Endurance Control Wires

High Endurance Control Wires These are robot cables for the mechatronics which suit the working condition of the various industrial machinery by combining various polymer sheathing material such as PVC resin and flexible fluorocarbon resin ( FRW ) with bunched electric wire covered with thin wall fluorocarbon resin ( ETFE ) and thin wall vinyl chloride resin as insulatedcore wires.
Applications Name Material Catalogs
1 Various control device equipment in wiring,Servo motor, encoder, Robot cable FA cable From a large number of insulator material, we will design and manufacture corresponding products suitable for use and the environment. Vinyl chloride, silicone rubber, cross-linked polyethylene, fluorocarbon resins, polyurethane, polyolefin resin. -

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Heat resistant Wire for the Plant

Heat-resistance Wires Heat resistant wires such as silicone rubber insulated wires LKGB and flexible fluorocarbon resin insulated wires FRW are used for large-scale plants of electric power, chemistry, metal, and so on. There are the wide applications from single core electric wire for the power supply to multicore electric wire for control and sensor. And, features of various electric wires are applied as an extension lead wire for the thermocouple.
Applications Name Material Rated TEMP. Rated Voltage Compliance Catalogs
1 Equipment, motor lead wire REH-GG Silicone rubber insulation
Double glass braid
Heat varnish processing
180°C 600~6600V   REH-GG
2 LKGB Silicone rubber insulation
Double glass braid
Silicone varnish treatment
180°C 600~6600V   LKGB
3 FRW Soft fluorine resin 200°C 600V PSE FRW

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Chemical resistance tubings

Chemical resistance Tubes By combining a various material including fluorocarbon resin, tubing which is excellent in the chemical resistance for the manifold application has been prepared. It is also correspondent to a demand of flexibility and nonadhesion. It is used in the wide application in industrial equipment fields such as chemical plant and analytical equipment.
Applications Name Material Rated TEMP. Catalogs
1 For chemical resistance FA Fluorine resin (PFA) 250°C FA
2 F Fluorine resin (FEP) 200°C F
3 Dental equipment TP Thermoplastic elastomer 60°C TP

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Heaters for warming-up of piping

Heater for piping The belt heater is employing silicone rubber excellent in heat resistance and rich in flexibility, and can be installed by winding around or fitting parallele to piping. Various kinds of sheet type heaters are prepared for wide applications. For example, for the warm keeping of the wider area, cheap aluminum foil heater is suitable at lower temperature and mica molded heater at higher temperature.
Applications Name Catalogs
1 Equipment for hopper resin drying, etc. Rubber heater Rubber heater
2 Prevent freezing Aluminum sandwich heater Aluminum sandwich heater
3 Water pipe freeze protection, etc. Belt heater Belt heater
4 The place where it takes a full uniform heating-rate of temperature rise Fine pattern heater -
5 Thermal pad, bed medical Hot stamp heater Hot stamp heater
6 Vinyl chloride Welder heater Vinyl chloride Welder heater
7 Jet towel for warm air, for catering vehicles kept warm, etc. PTC heater PTC heater

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